Beginners Classes Starting Now – Complete the Form Below to Secure  a Week of Free Classes plus a Karate Suit and Belt


6:30pm – 7:25pm     Kids Only (7-12 Years Old) – All Grades

7:35pm – 8:30pm   Adults and Teenagers Only – All Grades


7pm – 7:55pm     Beginners/White Belts to Blue Belts

8:05pm – 9pm     Purple Belts to Black Belts


7pm – 7:55pm     Beginners/White Belts to Blue Belts

8:05pm – 9pm    Purple Belts to Black Belts


11am – 11:55am     Beginners/White Belts to Blue Belts

12:05pm – 1pm     Purple Belts to Black Belts

We are allowing a 10 minute break between classes to facilitate groups leaving and entering.

The early class will be done in section 1 of the hall and the second class will be done in section 2 of the hall.

Timetable may be adjusted over the coming weeks and months with new classes added also.


Karate Tots Classes – Resuming soon

Our Karate Tots class is a fun-filled class specifically designed for 4-6 year old kids (boys and girls). The class includes basic fitness and karate drills plus some fun and games.

Karate Kids Classes

Our Karate Kids class is a high-energy, action-packed class for 7-12 year old boys and girls where they practice karate and self-defence drills. There is also plenty of aerobic activity, strength and flexibility training. Ideal activity for boys and girl of all fitness levels.

Karate classes also available for both Teenagers, Adults and Families

Our kids karate classes combine the best fitness training and karate instruction available. Our Chief Instructor Sensei Kevin Shortall is the Japan Shotokan Karate Associations Chief representative in Ireland and years of experience coaching kids. Sensei Shortall is also a qualified Kids Fitness Specialist and all his classes provide additional and supplementary fitness/exercise to that received through the PE curriculum in both Primary and Secondary Schools in Ireland.

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