Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

Please read the following before returning to training in the Watershed. These are general guidelines and not a comprehensive list of rules.

Do not come to training if you feeling unwell. Seek medical advise and follow what they say before returning.

Students must wear suitable footwear such as trainers/runners for all karate classes until further notice.

Students should be signed in and be waiting to be brought in to the class atleast 5 minutes before the class start time. No late arrivals.

Students (and parents/guardians) must enter the reception area through the main door in the Watershed only. Students will leave through the door near the entry to the Sports Hall.

Students/Parents must all sign the Watershed COVID-19 Customer/Visitor Questionnaire which is available in the Watershed Reception area before entry to every class(s).

Students (and parents/gaurdians) must wait at the electronic barriers in reception for the instructor to formally bring them in to the sports hall.

Only students are allowed enter the sports hall. Parents must wait outside the building to collect their child. Parents are expected to be there atleast 5 mins before the class ends to collect their child. Parents/guardians collecting students should wait by the exit door and make themselves visible. No late arrivals as this could hold up the instructor from starting the next class.

There will be no use of changing rooms or toilets for the foreseeable future. Parents/gaurdians please make sure your child is fully aware of this.

It is the Students/Parents/Gaurdians responsibility to keep themselves fully up-to-date on Government guidelines around best practices in relation to COVID-19 and adhere to them fully at all times.