Class Schedule 


6:30pm – 7:25pm     Kids Only (7-12 Years Old) – All Grades

7:35pm – 8:30pm   Adults and Teenagers Only – All Grades


7pm – 7:55pm     Beginners/White Belts to Blue Belts

8:05pm – 9pm     Purple Belts to Black Belts


7pm – 7:55pm     Beginners/White Belts to Blue Belts

8:05pm – 9pm    Purple Belts to Black Belts


11am – 11:55am     Beginners/White Belts to Blue Belts

12:05pm – 1pm     Purple Belts to Black Belts

We are allowing a 10 minute break between classes to facilitate groups leaving and entering.

If it is more convenient for a student they may train on both classes in one day but bear in mind that the first class is geared towards lower grades and the second one is more advanced.

Timetable may be adjusted over the coming weeks and months with new classes added also.

Here is the Watershed’s Covid 19 Self Declaration Form. It may be a good idea to print this off and fill it before you go to the Watershed as it will save you having to queue in reception. Make sure to hand in the completed form to the receptionist before each class.

COVID19 Self Declaration Form