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Karate Classes for Kids in the Watershed, Kilkenny
  • 1 Week of Unlimited Classes
  • Free Karate Suit & Belt – Worth €30
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Contracts

We are also starting beginner classes for Teenagers, Adults & Families. The above offer applies to these age groups also. Beginners Classes Starting Now – Complete the Form Below to Secure Your Place! Offer applies to new members.

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Welcome to the website for the Budo Martial Arts Centre, Kilkenny – The Southeast’s Best Kids Karate & Fitness School

Beginners Karate & Fitness Classes for Kids (& Adults) Starting Now

Does your child have problems with any of the following: Concentration – Mobility – Listening Skills – Fitness Levels. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then karate is for them. Likewise, if you are a family or an adult who wants to get fit and improve their health karate has the answers for you.

We are now taking enrollments for our beginners classes starting in September 2019

If you are looking for your child to try any form of martial art ( examples of well-known martial arts include but are not limited to include Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo ) then visiting the Budo Martial Arts Centre.

Our kids karate classes combine the best fitness training and karate instruction available. Our Chief Instructor Sensei Kevin Shortall is the Japan Shotokan Karate Associations Chief representative in Ireland and years of experience coaching kids. Sensei Shortall is also a qualified Kids Fitness Specialist and all his classes provide additional and supplementary fitness/exercise to that received through the PE curriculum in both Primary and Secondary Schools in Ireland.

Class Schedule from September 2019


4:30pm – 5:05pm     Karate Tots (4yrs – 6 yrs old)/All Levels     The Watershed

5:05pm – 6pm     Karate Kids (7yrs – 12yrs old)/All Levels     The Watershed


7:30pm – 8:30pm     Karate – All Ages/All Grades     The Watershed


6:30pm – 7:05pm     Karate Tots (4 yrs – 6 yrs old)/All Grades     The Watershed

7:05pm – 8pm    Karate Kids (7yrs – 12 yrs old)/All Grades     The Watershed

8pm – 9pm     Karate – Adults & Teenagers (+ Kids Yellow Belt & Above if they can not make the earlier class)     The Watershed


10:30am – 11:05am     Karate Tots (4yrs – 6yrs old)/All Grades     The Watershed

11:05am – 12pm     Karate Kids (7yrs – 12yrs old)/ All Grades     The Watershed

12pm – 1pm      Karate – Adults/Teens plus higher graded kids 

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