Budo Martial Arts Centre


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Karate Kids Classes

Our Karate Kids class is a high-energy, action-packed class for 5-12 year old boys and girls where they practice karate and self-defence drills. There is also plenty of aerobic activity, strength and flexibility training. Ideal activity for boys and girl of all fitness levels.

Teenager & Adult Classes

Learn traditional Shotokan Karate as it is taught in Japan. Our teenager and adult classes will help you increase your focus and awareness, improve your flexibility and help you become stronger. We cater for all fitness types and age levels.

Family Classes

Our family karate classes are ideal for those that want to take part in a healthy activity as a family while improving their overall fitness. Contact us for further details.

Specialised Karate & Self-Defence Courses

If you are a group or School who wish to run a karate or self-defence course either in your own premises or in the Watershed please contact us to discuss your requirements.